Programme of Studies 1936


Recommended Health Readers for Grades I VI

Health, Happiness, Success Series as revised for Canadian Schools (Ryerson Press)

Malden Health Series (Copp, Clark Co., Toronto)

  1. Grade II Joy Family
  2. Grade III The Voyage of Growing Up
  3. Grade IV In Training for Health
  4. Grave V Health
  5. Grade VI Cleanliness and Health

Adventures in Living (Thos. Nelson & Sons)

Canadian Hygiene Series (Ginn & Co., Montreal)

  1. Highroad to Health
  2. Wide-Awake School
  3. Success and Health
  4. Healthy Citizenship

Health and Growth Series (Macmillan Co.)

  1. Good Habits
  2. Living Healthfully
  3. Health Problems
  4. Health Knowledge
  5. Adventures in Health

Wholesome Living Series (Benjamin H. Sanborn & Co., Chicago, New York, Boston)

  1. Health and Happiness
  2. Health and the Rules of the Game
  3. Health and Ideals
  4. Health and Service

Health Stories Series (W. J Gage & Co., Ltd., Agents)

The Story of Milk (Keystone View Co., Meadville, Penn.)

Child Health Alphabet (Primary Grade) (Macmillan Co.)

Cho-Cho, The Health Fairy (Primary Grade) (Macmillan Co.)

H. W Ferguson: The Childs Book of the Teeth (World Book Co.)

Rosy Cheeks and Strong Heart (Macmillan Co.)

N. S Haviland: The Most Wonderful House in the World (Lippincott, Philadelphia)

E. George Payne: We and Our Health, Books I, II, III, IV (American Viewpoint Society,

New York)

Teachers References

Margaret Kerr and R. S Sherman: Lesson Helps (J. M Dent & Sons, Canada)

Teachers Manual of Health (Grades 1-6) (Ginn & Co.)

Teachers Manuals to Accompany Health and Growth Series (Macmillan Co.)

Highways to Health (Ryerson Press, Toronto)

The Human Body and Its Functions (W. J Gage & Co., Toronto)

Health Education. Prepared under direction of Thos. D. Wood, M.D, 525 West 120th St.,

New York City

Health Essentials (Ginn & Co.)

Canadian Dental Publications (Canadian Dental Association, Toronto, Ont.)

George K. Pratt, M.D: Your Mind and You: Mental Health (Funk & Wagnalls Co., New

York and London)

Fraser and Porter: Canadian Health Book (Copp, Clark Co.)

Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education. Thos. D. Wood, M.D, 525 West 120th

St., New York City (Health Education)

Theresa Dansdill: Health Training in Schools (National Tuberculosis Association, 370

Seventh Ave., New York City)

Dr. H.W. Hill: The New Public Health (Macmillan Co.)

Dr. H.W. Hill: The New Hygiene (Macmillan Co.)

J. Mace Andress: Health Education in Rural Schools (Houghton, Mifflin)

J. F. Williams: Personal Health Applied (W.B Saunders Co., Philadelphia)

Health and Sanitation. Same author and publisher as above.

Lydia J. Roberts: Nutrition Work with Children (Macmillan Co.)

Hoag and Terman: Health Work in the Schools (Houghton, Mifflin)

Klinne Colley: Food and Health (Macmillan Co.)

Klinne Colley: Clothing and Health (Macmillan Co.)

Payne and Schroeder: Health and Safety in New Curriculum (American Viewpoint

Society, New York)

G. D. Brock: Health through Projects (George M. Henry & Co., New York)

Report on Alcohol Investigation Committee on the British Research Council: Alcohol

Its Actions on the Human Organism. Printed by His Majestys Stationary

Department, London

J. F. Williams: Healthful Living (Macmillan Co.)

C. E. Turner: Principles of Health Education (D.C. Health & Co.)

Mary Schwartz Rose: Teaching Food Facts to Boys and Girls (Macmillan Co.)

Health Publications, Pamphlets, etc.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Ottawa (Literature published by this company

covers every phase of child and adult education)

E. A. Kirkpatrick: Fundamentals of Child Study (Macmillan Co.)

M. S. Rose: Foundations of Nutritions (Macmillan Co.)

Safety Teaching in Modern School (National Safety Council, 1 Park Ave., New York


Signs of Health in Childhood (American Child Health Association, 50 West 50th St., New

York City)

Publications of the following organizations: -

Provincial Board of Health, Parliament Buildings, Victoria

Dominion Department of Health, Ottawa, Canada

His Majestys Stationary Office, London

American Child Health Association, 370 Seventh Ave., New York

National Tuberculosis Association, 370 Seventh Ave., New York

National Health Council, 370 Seventh Ave., New York

Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, 848 North Dearborn St., Chicago

The Rockafeller Foundation, 130 Broadway, New York

The Russell Sage Foundation, 130 East Twenty-second St., New York

The Institute of Hygiene, 28 Portland Place, London, England

Canadian Council on Child Welfare, 408 Plaza Building, Ottawa

National Child Welfare Association, 70 Fifth Ave., New York

National Safety Council, 168 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, Ill.

The Canadian Safety League, Toronto, Ont.

British Columbia Safety League, 1703 Bekins Building, Vancouver

Standardized Tests in Health

The Gates-Strong Health Knowledge Test Form I, Grades 3-12; also directions for

giving and scoring (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City,


The Modern School Achievement Test Form I, Health Knowledge (Teachers College,

Columbia University, New York City, N.Y)

The New Standard Achievement Test Form W, Grades 4-9, Physiology and Hygiene

(World Book Co., Yonkers-on-Hudson, New York)

Public School Achievement Test in Health Form 3 (Public School Publishing Co.,

Bloomington, Ill.)