Grade 7 Home Economics

Unit I - Personal Appearance of a Grade VII Girl.  (3-4 lessons, 45 minutes.) (To be correlated with Health.)

Specific Aims

1. To develop a desire for attractiveness in personal appearance.

2. To develop an understanding of the relation of health to good appearance and a knowledge of fundamental health habits.

3. To create a desire to form good health habits.




Topical Outline

Suggested Approaches and Procedure

Student Activity

Illustrative Material and Resources


The establishment of good standards of health and personal appearance.

NOTE - This subject matter should be correlated with all following projects throughout the unit, and much of it will require daily repetition.



I. Factors Contributing to Good Health:

1. Importance of health:

a) Ability to work and study.

b) Ability to play.

c) Ability to live happily with others.

2. Characteristics of a healthy girl:

a) Average weight for age and height.

b) Abundance of energy.

c) Good resistance to colds and other diseases.

d) Clear skin, good teeth, bright eyes, lustrous hair.

e) Good appetite.

f) Good disposition.

g) Freedom from physical deficits, such as tonsil and adenoids.

3. Health habits which contribute to the above characteristics:

a) Eating proper food.

b) Drinking plenty of water.

c) Having plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

d) Taking daily exercise and maintaining good posture.

e) Sleeping 9-10 hours every night with window open.

II Factors Contributing to a Good Personal Appearance:

1. Good health

2. Cleanliness:

a) Bathing and bathroom habits.

b) Internal cleanliness. Need for drinking water.

c) Functions of the skin.

d) Frequent change of clothing.

e) Kind of underwear and sanitary reasons for wearing it.

3. Care of hair:

a) Shampooing.

b) Brushing.

c) Arranging.

d) Use of head-band for waitresses and in Home Economics Food laboratories.

4. Care of hands and nails.

a) Daily care.

b) Prevention of roughness.

c) Cautions in regard to the spreading of colds through the hands and handkerchief.

d) Prevention of Nail-biting. Reasons.

5. Care of feet.

a) Particular cleanliness.

b) Selection of shoes.

c) Selection of hose.

d) Wearing of rubbers.

6. Care of teeth.

a) Daily care.

b) Selection, care and renewal of tooth-brushes.

c) Use of common salt and baking-powder as a dentrifice.

7. Posture: “An alert mind expresses itself in an alert body.”

a) Relation to health and good appearance.

b) Rules for good posture: Sit straight. Stand erect. Lie flat.

c) Rest in relation to posture - Early to bed a good rule.

8. Relation of clothing to personal appearance:

a) Selection suitable to time and place

b) The advisability of having a uniform.

c) Care of the uniform.

9. Relation of food to health and personal appearance. Stress need for water and daily bowel movement.


-Discuss value of good health.

-Show colored pictures of healthy children. (These may be taken from magazines or colored charts from the Dairy Assn.)

-Have students give a list of desirable characteristics and write on blackboard.

- Introduce height-weight chart.

- Have inter-class contests.



































- Have students call to mind the most attractive-looking girl they know.

- On the blackboard outline those characteristics which the girls recognize have actually contributed to this attractiveness, and from that develop desired standards.



- Does well-groomed hair add to a girl’s attractiveness?

- How can you have well-groomed hair?

- List points on blackboard.

-Demonstrate the effect on personal appearance of different arrangements of hair.

- Show head-band to be made and used in cookery class.


- Show pictures of well-groomed hands.

- Discuss modern extreme usage.

- Demonstrate simple manicuring.

- By the use of pictures, develop good standards of shoes and hose.


-Link with Health teaching. [care of teeth]










- Correlate with health. [ posture]

- Show pictures to illustrate good posture.

- Select a girl from the class who has good posture.

- List factors that contribute to good posture.

- Through suitable pictures develop appreciation of sutiable dress for the occasion.

- Discuss attractiveness of uniforms for nurses, waitresses, policemen, firemen, soldiers, and so develop an appreciation of the value of a uniform in the Foods laboratory and the necessity for keeping it in the best condition.


- Show picture in the Manual, p. 45. In taking up the relation of food to health and personal appearance, merely link with Health teaching and then enlarge on information gained from Foods unit.


Make individual height-weight charts on squared paper. NOTE - If accurate height and weight are not available at this time students may make estimated figures and make any necessary alteration when height and weight are taken.


























































Collect pictures showing hair well-groomed and attractively arranged.















- Class president might follow with a demonstration of manicuring “chum’s” finger-nails.

- Bring pictures showing suitable shoes.


- Make a simple health-habit score-card, including the most important habits it is desired to establish by this unit.


- Individual height-weight chart on blackboard.

- Willard & Gillett p. 18.

- “Foods, Nutrition, & Home Management Manual,” pp. 25, 28.

- Pictures of healthy children.

- Health-habits chart.

- Lydia Roberts.

- Friend & Shults, Chap. II

- Rose: “Teaching nutrition to boys and girls” (Macmillan).



























- Trilling, Williams, & Reeves.



















- Trilling, Williams, & Reeves, p. 127.

-Kinyon & Hopkins, Part II.,p. 25.




































-Kinyon & Hopkins.

-Kniyon & Hopkins, Part II., pp. 22-24.


Keep record chart of health habits for one week










































































- Shampoo hair at home according to directions and endeavor to improve personal appearance through becoming hair arrangement.

- Class discussion of improvement in appearance of students might follow.















- Keep score-card for one week, later returning for repetition so that desirable habits are definitely formed.
















- Find pictures of people in uniform.