Me and My School — Some Fun!

School radio broadcast at Doncaster School, Victoria, in 1950 icon
"Me and My School - Some Fun!"
(26 November 1941)

CBC radio announcer: "British Columbia School Broadcasts."

Red: [cheerful and humming] "Ya de dum dum dum doh-lay....ya de dum dum dum doh-lay...."
Bill: "Say, Red, what are you feeling so happy about?"
Red: "Why not? Who wants to drip on a programme called 'Some Fun!'"
Bill: "What are you going to do for fun on this programme. You're no Fred Allen!"
Red: "Well, I'm going to make my own fun! Yes, sir, I'm going looking for fun! Now look! See this Electric Ray?"
Bill: "Electric Ray!?"
Red: "Ah-ha...That is the Fun Ray! Turn it on -- [ ] -- and it goes looking for fun!"
Bill: "You don't say?! "
Red: "And not only that; if I take hold of that wire, when it's on, it takes me with it!"
Bill: "Say, that is something! Eh, you're not kidding me?"
Red: "Would I kid you?! Now look, let's just try it. You stay here at the radio station and I'll go looking for fun with my little Fun Ray! Soon as I find any, I'll call you and tell everyone what I find; or, better still, I'll have the people I see, tell you. How's that?"
Bill: "Well, sounds alright, but where will you go?
Red: "Oh, anywhere where there's fun...anywhere in British Columbia!"

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