Text Books, 1870

Authorized for use in the colonial Common Schools of British Columbia

First Book of Lessons (National),
Second Book of Lessons (National),
Sequel to Second Book (National),
Third Book of Lessons (National),
Fourth Book of Lessons (National),
Fifth Book of Lessons for Boys (National),
Sixth or Reading Book for Girls (National),
Introduction to the Art of Reading,
Spelling Book Superseded (Sullivan's),
English Grammar,
Key to English Grammar,
Robertson's Principles of Grammar,
Lennie's English Grammar,
Kirkham's English Grammar,
Epitome of Geographical Knowledge,
Compendium to Geographical Knowledge,
Geography Generalized (Sullivan's),
Hodgin's Geography and History of the British Colonies,
Introduction to Geography and History (Sullivan's),
Sangster's National Arithmetic in the Decimal Currency,
Sangster's Natural Philosophy,
National Book Keeping,
Key to National Book Keeping,
Colonzo's Algebra, Part I,
National Elements of Geometry,
National Mensuration,
Appendix to National Mensuration,
Scripture Lessons - Old and New Testament,
Sacred Poetry,
Lessons on the Truth of Christianity,
Hullah's Vocal Music
Set of Tablet Lessons - Arithmetic
Set of Tablet Lessons - Spelling and Reading
Set of Tablet Lessions - Copy Lines
Also the National Maps, Maps of Canada, and of British America.

Source: Rules & Regulations of the Common Schools, 1870