Books Authorized for Use in Public and High Schools of British Columbia (1890)

Gage's First Primer, Part I
Gage's First Primer, Part II
Gage's Second Reader
Gage's Third Reader
Gage's Fourth Reader
Gage's Fifth Reader
Gage's Sixth Reader
Gage's Practical Speller
Payson, Dunton & Scribner's Copy-books
Gage's Copy-books
Copy-books without headlines
Elementary Arithmetic (Kirkland & Scott)
Hamblin Smith's Arithmetic – Kirkland & Scott
Advanced Arithmetic (Smith & McMurchy)
Mental Arithmetic (J. A. McLellan)
Lovell's First Steps in Geography
School Geography and Atlas
Gage's Map Geography (British Columbia Edition)
Swinton's New Language Lessons (Campbell)
Lennie's Grammar
English Grammar – by Dr. Wm. Smith and T.D. Hall, M.A (London)
British History (Collier)
British Empire (Collier)
Outlines of General History (Collier)
Public School History of England and Canada – by G. Mercer Adam and W.J. Robertson
Book-keeping (Fulton & Eastman)
Book-keeping (Beatty & Claire)
Algebra (Hamblin Smith)
Mensuration (Todhunter)
Pott's Euclid, six books
Hamblin Smith's Geometry, Books I to IV
Natural Philosophy (Peck's Ganot)
Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene – by Edward Playter
Manual of Hygiene – by Provincial Board of Health (Ontario)
First Book on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene – Calvin Cutter
Trigonometry for Beginners – by Todhunter
Elementary Statistics – by J. Hamblin Smith
Elementary Hydrostatics – by J. Hamblin Smith
Elementary Dynamics – by Wormell
Chambers' Practical Mathematics
Ancient Geography (Pillans)
Bain's English Composition and Rhetoric
The Structure of English Prose – J.G.R McElroy
Ancient History (Schmidt)
Collier's History of Rome
Collier's History of Greece
Science Primers – Introductory, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography, Geology, Astronomy, Physiology, Botany
The Chemistry of Common Things (Dr. Macadam)
Elementary Chemistry – by Thomas Kirkland
Freehand Drawing (Walter Smith)
Canadian Series of Drawing Books – Canada Publishing Company
Botany – Spotton, Parts I and II
Zoology – Handbook of Zoology (Sir J.W Dawson, F.R.S)
Geology – Introductory Text Book (Dr. David Page)
Astronomy – Science Primer (J. Norman Lockyer)
Astronomy - Manual of Astronomy (Rev. Sam'l Haughton, D.C.L)
English Literature – History of English Literature (W.F Collier, LL.D)
Smith's Smaller Latin Grammar
Bryce's First Latin Book
Latin Prose Composition (Arnold)
Principia Latina, Part I (Smith)
White's Grammar School Texts, Latin
Riddle's Latin Dictionary
Curtius' Greek Grammar
Bryce's First Greek Book
Greek Prose Composition (Arnold)
Initia Graeca (Smith)
White's Grammar School Texts, Greek
Liddell & Scott's Greek Lexicon
Fasquelle's Shorter Course, French
De Fivas' Elementary French Reader
De Fivas' Grammaire de Grammaires
Histoire de Charles XII (Voltaire)
Le Cid, Corneille
Physical Culture – by E.B Houghton
Public School Temperance – B.F Richardson
Pathfinder Physiology, No. 1, Child's Health Primer
Pathfinder Physiology, No. 2, Physiology for Young People
Common School Education, by James Currie (for the use of Teachers)
Art of School Management (Baldwin) (for the use of Teachers)

Source: British Columbia. Annual Report of the Public Schools (1890), Appendix E, pp. lxx-lxxi.