No. 8

A.D. 1873.
An Act to amend and extend the provisions of "The Public School Act, 1872."


[Assented to 21st February, 1873.]

  Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:—
  1. This Act shall be read with and form part of "The Public School Act, 1872."
Compulsory Education.
  • The Trustees of any School District shall, from time to time, make By-Laws for their District for all or any of the following purposes, (but such By-Laws shall not be enforced until approved of by the Superintendent of Education):—
    1. Requiring the parents or guardians of children of such age, not less than seven nor more than fourteen years, as may be fixed by the By-Laws, to cause such children (unless there is some reasonable excuse) to attend School:
  • Determining the time during which such children are so to attend school:
  • Imposing penalties upon parents or guardians for the breach of any By-Laws:
  • Revoking or altering any By-Laws previously made:
  • Excuses for not attending School.
    1. Any of the following reasons shall be a reasonable excuse:—
    1. That the child is under instruction in some other manner satisfactory to the Trustees:
  • That the child has been prevented from attending School by sickness or any unavoidable cause:
  • That there is no Public School open, which the child can attend, within such distance not exceeding three miles, measured according to the nearest passable road from the residence of such child, a the By-Laws may prescribe:
  • That such child has reached a standard of education of the same or of a greater degree than that to be attained in such Public School:
  • Proceedings to enforce By-Law.
    1. Any proceeding to enforce any By-Law may be taken, and any penalty may be recovered by and in the name of the Trustees in a summary manner, before any Justice of the Peace; but no penalty imposed for the breach of any By-Law shall exceed such amount as, with the costs, will amount to five dollars for the first, and ten dollars for any subsequent offences.
    Sub-section 6 amended.
  • Sub-section 6 of Section 7 of the said Act is hereby amended, by adding after the word "renewed" the words "by the Board of Education."
  • Sub-section 8 repealed.
  • Sub-section 8 of Section 7 of the said Act is hereby repealed, and in lieu thereof the following shall be substituted:—

  • "To fix the salary or salaries of the teacher or teachers in any School District."

    Trustees to appoint teachers, and to dismiss with consent of Board.
  • The Trustees of any School District may, from time to time, select and appoint (from amongst those persons properly qualified) the teacher or teachers in the School District of such Trustees, and may, with the consent of a majority of the Board of Education, remove and dismiss such teacher or teachers.
  • Sub-section 13 amended.
  • Sub-section 13 of Section 7 of the said Act is hereby amended, by striking out the word "five" and substituting "four" in lieu thereof.
  • Sub-section 1 amended.
  • Sub-section 1 of Section 30 of the said Act shall be and is hereby amended, by striking out the word "December" and substituting "July" in lieu thereof.
  • Section 32 amended.
  • Section 32 of the said Act is hereby amended, by inserting the words "day or" before the word "year," wherever such word "year" occurs in such Section.
  • Section 6 amended.
  • That in Section 6 sub-section 3 of the Principal Act, after the word "Education" in the third line, there shall be inserted the words "or by such person as the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may, in the absence of the said Superintendent, appoint."
  • Short Title.
  • This Act may be cited as the "Public School Amendment Act, 1873."