The Homeroom Metaphor

John Shaw Junior High, Nanaimo, 1953
Image: British Columbia Archives I-23016

In most secondary schools in British Columbia, the school day began in the "homeroom." There, students enrolled in different programs would assemble for roll call and to hear announcements about school activities.

After the homeroom period, students would make their way to various instructional areas in the school — such as the chemistry lab, the home economics room, the library, or the gym.

At the end of the day, students would reassemble in their homerooms to await the final bell or buzzer. The class would then be formally dismissed and everyone — well, almost everyone — was free to leave the school. Students who were late for class or who had "earned" a detention for some other misdemeanor had to sit around for another half hour or so.

We don't take attendance here. And we don't give out detentions! But this web site is intended to serve as the starting place or assembly point for students and visitors, just like a homeroom at school.