Stephen Daniel Pope (1842-1910)


1Victoria Daily Times (19 December 1910), p. 6. S. D. Pope's father, John, was the son of Daniel Pope and Hannah Carey. One of nine children, Stephen Daniel was baptized on 26 June 1808 at Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England. Thanks to Kathleen Maxwell, for her kindness of checking the International Genealogical Index for this information.

2S. D. Pope's older brother, Egbert, was born in Philadelphia in 1840. His sisters, Amelia (b. 1845) and Anna (b. 1848), were born in Norwood, Peterborough, Canada West. Pope's father, John Carey, died of consumption in 1850. His mother, Maria Pearce taught school in Peterborough before she remarried in 1853. She married a school teacher, William W. Daunt, who afterwards took holy orders and entered the Anglican church. Pope's mother was seventy-two years old when she died in 1892; his stepfather, the Rev. Wm. Daunt, was seventy-nine years old when he died in 1907.

Biographical details on S. D. Pope's family were determined by Brad Morrison, after an extensive and exhaustive search of census records for 1851 and 1861, Crockford's Clerical Directory, contemporary newspapers and business directories, and local histories, such as Norwood Then & Now (Peterborough, Ontario: Maxwell Review Ltd, 1978).

3Canada School Journal, reprinted in (Victoria) Daily British Colonist (24 January 1885), p. 3. Brad Morrison has found considerable evidence of Pope's scholastic abilities in the Calendars of the University of Queen's College, Kingston, c, 1859-1862. In 1860/61, for example, Pope earned honours in classics and mathematics, as well as a prize for natural philosophy. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Arts in 1861.

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6Charlotte Larissa Buck (called Lottie) was born in Oregon City on 12 February 1853. She and Pope were married in her father's residence in Oregon City on 28 December 1868. The groom was identified as "Prof. S. D. Pope, Principal, Oregon City Seminary." (Morning Oregonian [Portland], 31 December 1868, p.2). Three of their children were born in Oregon City: William Forbes Carey Pope (b. 10 November 1869), Jennie Maria Harcourt (b. 4 January 1871), and Selina Carlotta Ruth (b. 10 December 1874). According to Charlotte's obituary, her parents "had crossed the plains to Oregon City in a covered wagon." Victoria Daily Colonist (13 February 1944), p. 9.

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16Three of Pope's children were born in South Saanich: Charlotte Louise Maude (b. September 1879); Marion Aimee Bernice (2 April 1881); and Fannie Gill Campbell (28 October 1882). Charlotte died in infancy on 2 March 1880 and was buried in St. Stephen's Church cemetery. The Popes' seventh and youngest child, Stanley Douglas Harold, was born in Victoria on 13 June 1885.