Unit I. Health and Nutrition

For Specific Aims, see Unit I (A) II

Unit II. Foods and Cookery

For Specific Aims, see Unit II, (A) II

Unit III. Child Care and Development

Specific Aims.

1. To give an understanding of the importance of heredity in the development of an individual.

2. To give an understanding of the importance of environment in the development of wholesome physical, mental, social, and emotional habits.

3. To give an appreciation of the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of a baby and of a pre-school child, and to develop the ability to care for those needs.

4. To give a knowledge of and a respect for the opportunities and responsibilities of parenthood.

Unit IV. Home Nursing

Specific Aims.

1. To create in the girls a desire to be intelligent home helpers in the care of the sick.

2. To teach the simple fundamentals of home nursing.

3. To develop ability and resourcefulness to act wisely in ordinary circumstances in a sick-room.

4. To develop some skill in making a bed, in preparing and serving an invalid tray, and in bathing a patient.

Unit V. Family and Social Relationships

Specific Aims.

1. To develop an appreciation of the advantages of a pleasing personality in home, social, and community life.

2. To develop a realization of the importance of family life and a desire to help create a happy home.

3. To develop some understanding of the management problems of the home and a willingness to share responsibility for activities carried on in the home.

4. To develop an understanding of the ways in which the location, size, arrangement, and equipment of the home affect family life.

5. To give information and to develop judgments which will enable girls to spend more wisely that part of the family income with which they are directly concerned.

6. To create a desire to acquire the characteristics of a good citizen and to help in developing a more satisfactory community.

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