1884 Colin Campbell Mackenzie is relieved of his position as Superintendent of Education. In March 1884, Stephen Daniel Pope is appointed Superintendent. He resigns the post, amid controversy, in 1899.

British Columbia's second high school opens in New Westminster. Other high schools are subsequently established in Nanaimo (1886), Vancouver (1890), and Nelson (1901).

1885 Middle Ward School in Nanaimo is opened to serve as the city's Boys' School. John Shaw is appointed principal.

1886 The new city of Vancouver is incorporated on 6 April 1886. In November, school district boundaries were re-defined and the district's name was changed from Granville to Vancouver.

A high school opens in Nanaimo, with an enrolment of twelve pupils. The high school occupies one room in the city's Middle Ward School. The first principal of the high school, Edward B. Paul, was later appointed principal of Victoria College.

1887 David Wilson is appointed Inspector of Schools. The post of Inspector is separate from and subordinate to the Superintendent of Education.